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We're many different backgrounds, sharing the same code

Discover our EEE Code

Our “EEE” Mission: “Empower Ecommerce Experience"

We help the merchants around the world succeed by empowering them to create stunning and successful ecommerce experiences

Our “EEE” Culture: “Enthusiasm - Empathy - Empowerment”

We created an environment where Enthusiastic people are Empathized and Empowered.

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It doesn't matter what your role is. You'll be supported to do your best work, enjoy your day-to-day life at Seal and get where you want to go...


Enthusiasm shows the passion for products and the ambition to grow a career. Enthusiasm lies in the spirit of supporting colleagues and customers. Enthusiastic members are always energetic, positive and eager to take on new challenges.


You’re encouraged to empathize with customers and colleagues. You’re motivated to share your struggles and the barriers at work. You’re also inspired to come up with solutions to solve that problem. It’s not to criticize, it’s for help.


You are motivated by the trust from your colleagues. We trust each other to work together towards common goals and values. We provide you transparently with the necessary tools and resources to help you achieve the goal.

Human Values That Drive Us Together

We act with Integrity

We are honest, transparent and committed to deliver the best to our customers and our company. We cooperate in the spirit of transparency, kindness, and respect for truth, we show self-respect, respect for others, and respect for the organization. We say “no” to toxic culture, political behaviors in the company and in business relationships.

We act with Ownership

Everything starts with yourself. We take initiative to make decisions and take responsibility for what our team does.
We proactively solve problems, we are willing to make mistakes and learn from them. When things don't go as planned, we consider it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

We practice Empathy to others

In a competitive world with plenty of talented people, empathy and kindness will make us go together on a long journey. At Seal Commerce, we listen, understand, and empathize with each other. Not to criticize or judge, we

We succeed by Serving others

We succeed by helping others. Service culture is the backbone that helps us succeed from the early days of startup. We accompany each other by sharing and helping colleagues, customers, partners and companies. We believe that when you help others get what they want, you'll get what you want.

We Trust each others

We trust our employees to act with strong determination in their roles and work without barriers of belief. We're open minded and we like to discuss and debate thoughts, ideas and plans to broaden our beliefs and approaches. At Seal Commerce, we fully trust our employees to make the best decisions when they are held accountable.

We respect Transparency

We take pride that the company shares to employees about our successes, and sometimes failures, of our business as we grow and scale. It is an integral part of our culture to make people collaborate and work towards a common goal.

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How Seal Members talk about us

I am so lucky to apply successfully to Seal Commerce, because it is the workplace where all employees want to experience: an enthusiastic leader, energetic team members and managers who always consider that empathy comes first…

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Seb (Anh Tuan)
UI/UX Designer

I remembered that it took exactly 1hour 30 minutes for the interview to apply to Seal Commerce. It means that the working procedure and working style is quite meticulous and professional. I like the working environment like that.

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Leo (Thanh Sang)
UI/UX Designer

When I'm looking for an ideal working environment, I always try to find one that fosters positive, professional working relationships, and mutual respect. After 2 months working at Seal Commerce, I strongly believe that I've made the right decision. I can do what I love and love what I do here.

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HR executive

The working environment is quite comfortable, colleagues are funny but very enthusiasitc to support. Here, we work hard and play harder.

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Victor Le
Front-End Developer

There's just plenty of rooms for growth at Seal Commerce, explore new aspect, test out solutions, lead sprint items... The managers are all for it as long as you are ready.

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Cassie Phan
Content Manager

I like the flexibity of remote working policy. 15 - minute daily scrum meeting helps me to focus on my team' s goals withou missing any deadline. It looks fantastic when I don't need to go out and stuck in traffic jams these days.

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Elle Duong
HR Team