This is one of our most special programs for candidates this year! Besides the opportunity to join the top #1 eCommerce SaaS products using new technology, you will also have the chance to receive 1 month bonus!




Total bonus: 1-month gross salary 

Payment Method: the bonus fee will be sent along with the most recent salary after the official contract. 



  • Step 1: Send your resume 
  • Step 2: Join our recruitment process
  • Step 3: Join Seal Commerce & Sign the Labor Contract
  • Step 4: Congratulations! You earn the reward 


Program Policy


  • Subjects: developers onboarding from September 10th, 2021 to November 30th, 2021 (with the condition that you pass the probation period and sign an official contract).
  • Participants must complete and sign the Agreement to be eligible for any fee under the Signing Bonus Program. 



  • Candidates who apply via any Headhunter Company. 
  • Candidates who don’t pass the probation period. 
  • Candidates who pass the probation period but not sign the official labour contract. 
  • Candidates who apply for the non-IT positions. 



1.When will I get the bonus?

After the 2-month probation period and become our official employees, you will get the bonus.

2.Which are the current job openings  

We always have job openings, click here 

3.Have more questions? 

Please contact us via  We will get back to you soon. 


>>>>> Join us & Get Bonus Today!





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How Seal Members talk about us

I am so lucky to apply successfully to Seal Commerce, because it is the workplace where all employees want to experience: an enthusiastic leader, energetic team members and managers who always consider that empathy comes first…

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Seb (Anh Tuan)
UI/UX Designer

I remembered that it took exactly 1hour 30 minutes for the interview to apply to Seal Commerce. It means that the working procedure and working style is quite meticulous and professional. I like the working environment like that.

Temp Alt
Leo (Thanh Sang)
UI/UX Designer

When I'm looking for an ideal working environment, I always try to find one that fosters positive, professional working relationships, and mutual respect. After 2 months working at Seal Commerce, I strongly believe that I've made the right decision. I can do what I love and love what I do here.

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HR executive

The working environment is quite comfortable, colleagues are funny but very enthusiasitc to support. Here, we work hard and play harder.

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Victor Le
Front-End Developer

There's just plenty of rooms for growth at Seal Commerce, explore new aspect, test out solutions, lead sprint items... The managers are all for it as long as you are ready.

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Cassie Phan
Content Manager

I like the flexibity of remote working policy. 15 - minute daily scrum meeting helps me to focus on my team' s goals withou missing any deadline. It looks fantastic when I don't need to go out and stuck in traffic jams these days.

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Elle Duong
HR Team