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Following the series of Work from Home WFH) activities, on June 19, Seal Commerce successfully deployed the Cooking Contest with the spirit of "Toi dam dang, ban cung the". The contest attracted the participation of all Seal Commerce employees with a total of nearly 2000 dishes presented in the Cooking Contest arena.



To participate in the contest, all Seal Commerce family members are divided into 7 groups with very unique names given by the group themselves, showing the personalities of the group members such as: Good Mood = Good Food , Healthy & Balenciaga meal,Team năm vừa ăn vừa nằm, You never eat alone, W-T-F (where is the food), Ăn thì ăn không ăn thì ăn, Ăn dặm chờ lương.

The contest rules are very simple, all group members just need to take pictures to check in daily dishes and upload to the group's album on the company Facebook. If you can share more about cooking recipes, reveal home cooking secrets or you can simply take pictures of the table, the dishes which have been decorated and prepared meticulously, attracting a lot of interactions, the group will have absolutely a chance to win extremely attractive prizes of the competition.


The prize structure which is extremely various encourages the spirit of interaction, including: team prizes and individual prizes. The team prize category includes prizes such as: award for the team with the most dishes and the best quality, award for the most dynamic team leader, award for the team with the second highest number of dishes and prize for the team with the third highest number of dishes. In addition, the organizers have decided to give the most special prize for the lazy team. The team with less than 5 photos will invite the whole company to drink milk tea.


The individual prize categories include: the individual with the most favorite dish (the most likes), the individual with the most shocking dish (the most “haha”), the individual with the most shocking dish. The most controversial (most “comments”)


Within 10 days (from June 9 to June 19), hundreds of photos were posted on the contest  photo album with a total of nearly 2,000 dishes. From this arena, many diverse dishes with strange and cute names were born in the cuisine village "Toi dam dang, ban cung the", such as: royal fried rice, salad for giants, cake for the majority defeating the minority, bread with onion grease, angry bear cake, painful rabbit cake, regal braised duck, Ho Guom squash soup, prosperous shrimp noodles, One-eyed dragon fried rice and chickens with many escape, when the birds break their wings,....



For 10 consecutive days, Seal Commerce's Facebook page is filled with a vibrant, jubilant atmosphere, "xeo xeo" with delicious delicacies from the super chefs of the contest “Tôi dam dang, bạn cũng thế”. At the end of the contest, the Healthy and Balenciaga Meal Team won the first prize and the most dynamic Team leader award with 645 dishes, the whole team received a cash prize of 2.5 million VND.



The second prize belonged to Team Good Mood = Good Food with 536 dishes and received a cash prize of 1 million VND, the third prize belonged to Team năm vừa ăn vừa nằm with a prize of 500k.



In the individual award category, the cooling peach drink was voted as the most favorite dish when it shocked with its beautiful simplicity and convenience in the summer.



The "genuine" seaweed soup is the dish that stirs up the most public opinion. The most shocking dish is named "original look like vegetable" seaweed soup because it has contributed to storm the online community during the entire time. The prize for this category is a Vinmart Voucher 300k for each individual. Congratulations to all the teams and members for successfully completing the contest!


The Cooking Contest is held to inspire the spirit of all Seal Commerce employees about repelling the epidemic and improving health. Above all, this is a playground for Seal's Master Chefs to show off their cooking skills, relieve stress and stay connected during remote working time.


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