6 Tips From Experts To Design A Logo For An Ecommerce Website

With the ever-increasing competition within eCommerce industry today, it has become important to distinguish your eCommerce business from others. One of the best ways to make your business stand out among others is through branding. A logo can be a symbol, an image that is associated with your services, your unique selling points, or your business culture, etc.

So, how important is your logo?

Creating a successful logo can affect the overall success of your company.

  • Your logo is your brand: Think of your logo as a representation of your company’s culture and values. A logo has the opportunity to express your ideas and what you stand for at a glance, and gets much more exposure than your About Us page!
  • Your logo is visible: You logo is the first thing to grab your shopper’s attention. It creates your brand awareness and it will memorize your shopper about your brand.
  • Your logo builds the trust: One of the fastest ways to build credibility is to have a logo and website design that reflects the image you want to convey to your audience. This will ensure to shoppers that your business is trustworthy and professional. The appearance of the website develops trust among the shoppers and logo plays a key role in establishing a unique identity for your online shop.

So, a logo design is essential. But what makes a logo outstanding? Designing a logo for your e-commerce website involves a lot of experimentation with colors, fonts, and shapes. Even if you’re hiring a professional to design your logo for you, it’s in your best interest to know. So, how to design a logo for an e-commerce website? Let’s take a look at some tips to have a powerful & practical logo.

1.Keep It Clear & Simple

Your logo is the face of your brand. As you build brand awareness with logo-accompanied experiences, consumers will begin to make valuable associations between your logo and your brand. A logo that is complicated in design can make it difficult for people to create those associations.

When you look at some very well known online retailers and their logo design, you'll notice one common thread: simplicity. It should not be too complicated or crowded to the point that it would confuse people on what you are really trying to say.

Let’s take a look at an example - Amazon. People from around the world can recognize that it’s an Amazon logo and company can and do spend billions of dollars for that kind of brand recognition. The reason that it probably works so well is that it’s simple but offers consumers exactly what they want. To put it plainly, what they want is the place where they can find everything from A to Z.

Additionally, this stripped-down format makes them easy to remember and also provides everything the customer needs to find them on the web since the logo itself doubles for the web address in each case.

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”–Leonardo da Vinci

2. Make It Versatile & Mobile Optimized

The best logo designs can be seen when they are very small on a pencil or very large on a billboard.

Versatility is paramount when considering logo design. An effective logo should be able to work across a variety of mediums and applications. The logo should be functional. Legibility for mobile shoppers is really important these days.

With the growing level of shopping, people are conducting on the go, it’s important to make sure the text you include in your logo isn’t too small. Your logo will be seen at many different sizes, and you will probably need to have copies in different file formats. You want to make sure that your logo will be visually readable at all sizes and colors.

3. Right Color Is Vital

Color choice can seem unimportant, but there are many subtle and intangible ways to craft your brand message through effective utilization of color. Researches show that 93 percent of shoppers make purchase decisions based on color and visual appearance. With a stat like that, you better be picking the right colors for logos, websites, mailings, and other swag that comes from your business.

When it comes to identifying your brand, your logo is probably the first thing your customers will think of. It plays a large role in communicating and reinforcing your identity as a company. As a brand, decide on a company voice.

We naturally associate colors with ideas and feelings. Get the most out of your logo by using colors that represent your brand. According to 99Designs, some common association of color in Western Culture are:

  •     Red: Passion, Anger, Vigor, Love, Danger
  •     Orange: Creativity, Invigoration, Unique, Stimulation
  •     Yellow: Knowledge, Energy, Joy, Intellect, Youth
  •     Green: Fertility, Wealth, Healing, Success, Growth
  •     Blue: Knowledge, Trust, Tranquility, Calm, Peace, Cool
  •     Purple: Royalty, Wisdom, Spirituality, Imagination
  •     White: Purity, Healing, Perfection, Clean, Virtue
  •     Gray: Balance, Sophistication, Neutrality, Uncommitted
  •     Black: Fear, Secrecy, Formal, Luxury

Do not, however, rely solely on color for effect. Make sure your logo also works in black and white.

4. Think About Longevity

An effective design is timeless. Almost popular and most recognized brand logos have changed very little since their creation. Drastically changing your logo can have adverse effects, creating confusion and decreasing memorability.

Timeless design isn’t about specific techniques; it is about making design choices that are balanced, logical and easy for users to comprehend. While trendy elements can be a lot of fun, more timeless projects use a mix of classic and modern elements to share information in a directed way.

When you want to create something that will last a long time, the best idea is to go back to the basics. Almost all lasting design concepts are rooted in theories that have been used for a long time.

Let’s take a look at an example of timeless logos - Coca Cola logo. Notice how the Coca Cola logo has barely changed since 1885? That is a timeless design.

5. Set The Tone And Your Logo Will Be Memorable

Logos are something that should be seared into the public’s mind. A great logo is one that is so memorable that it can create recognition in consumers even long after the brand, company, or product’s popularity has passed.

Keep in mind that your logo will tell the audience important things about your company. Ask yourself. What values do you want to impart to your customers? What services and products do you provide? What are your company's core characteristics? The most memorable logos will express that. Although your logo does not need to literally depict all of the products and services you offer, it does need to set a tone.

Make the logo consistent with your brand, and ensure that it lines up with the message and values you want to impart to your customers. What are your company's core characteristics? The most memorable logos will express that.

6. Get Inspired

Whether you’re taking on site and logo design yourself or hiring a professional graphic artist, it is always a good idea to get some inspiration by looking at what other people and companies are doing. There's no point waiting for inspiration to hit. The more you search it out, the easier you'll find it. You'll develop an eye what works and what doesn't, and how you can apply this to your own nascent designs.



When choosing a logo there are many different decisions to make. But above all, make a logo design memorable and unique, it will play a crucial role in your branding.

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