7 Bad-ass Headphones That Pair Well With Casual Outfits

If you live in any urban city similar to New York, chances are you are using your headphones all the time. You’re using them on the train, in the back of the taxi, on your walk to and from work, to ignore people–yeah we know. So why not travel and play your tunes in a good-looking pair of headphones? Why not match your outfit and keep that one old lady you always ride the bus with from having so much conversation (or to avoid contact with the one weird guy your getting strange vibes from)? We’ve all been there.

If avoiding conversation in public places isn’t the issue, consider those poor Apple iPhone headphones you’ve been holding on to for a while. By now, what used to be white headphones is probably tan, with one ear working and the other ear piece frayed with the wires coming out. They are great for a quick conversation with a friend, but definitely not ideal when it comes to good music and big sound. Looks like it’s time to get a new pair of headphones, and StyleBlazer has the ones just for you. See below for 15 great headphones to keep you stylish and hearing crisp and clear tunes (and bass if that’s your thing) wherever you go.

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