Referral Program 2022

Refer Your Friends & Get Rewards!

Our super referral program for all individuals who refer friends or relatives to join the Seal Commerce community!

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2-5 million
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6-10 million
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Team Leader

10-20 million
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C Level

20-50 million

Employee Referral Process

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Introduce your
friend's CV to us
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Your friend joins
Seal Commerce
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Your friend signs
the Labor Contract
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You earn the reward

Program Policy


  • A successful referral is recorded when the candidate completes the 2 month probationary period.
  • Participant must sign the Referral Contract/Agreement to be eligible for any fee under the Referral Program.


  • Candidates who have been engaged in the recruiting process prior to being referred (candidate that is already in the Seal Commerce database).
  • For internal employees:
    • Any interviewers and/or hiring decision-makers
    • Referral by a member of the HR Team or Head of Department referring into their own roles & teams
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